Prolong Super Lubricants manufactures and markets a line of advanced Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural and consumer lubrication products throughout the world.

“No Equal In The World”

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Prolong Super Lubricants!

Prolongs The Life Of Your Engines

Prolong Engine Treatment doesn’t mix with oil; it uses oil, either synthetic or petroleum, to carry it to the engine’s metal surfaces where molecules in the treatment chemically bond to moving parts, providing lubrication that cools and protects.

Restores Engine Efficiencies

Prolong Engine Treatment can help restore engine efficiency and optimize fuel economy for these smaller, rapidly cycling motors and because Prolong Engine treatment adheres to metal, the engine is even protected when the motor oil is not yet fully circulating.

No Harmful Additives

Prolong products contain no solid particles, such as PTFE resins, ‘molys’, zinc, copper or graphite and do not alter the viscosity of the motor oil or transmission fluid. All Prolong engine treatment products are backed with a free limited lifetime product engine warranty. 

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SPL-100 Super Penetrating Lubricant

Prolong all-in-one penetrating lubricant combines powerful nitro solvents with patented Prolong Technology lubrication oil and specialized corrosion protectors.

Fuel System Cleaner

Prolong Fuel System Cleaner is a unique blended fuel enhancer and cleaner designed to provide protection against corrosion, decreases black smoke and helps reduce sludge build-up to enhance performance, fuel economy and lubricity to the fuel pump and injectors.

EP-2.5 Grease

Prolong Extreme Hi-Performance Multi-Purpose Grease represents a state-of-the art blend, formulated for ultimate performance in the most exacting grease applications.

Super 2-Stroke Engine Oil

Prolong 2-Stroke Oil is formulated with quality virgin base oils and additives with polarized oil molecules to meet the modern requirements of high-performance two-stroke engines.

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