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Why should I use Prolong Engine Treatment?

Prolong Engine Treatment successfully reduces friction and heat in your engine with its patented technology. Your vehicle is a major investment; it makes sense to do everything possible to protect your engine and maintain optimum performance.

How is Prolong Engine Treatment different to other engine treatments?
Prolong Engine Treatment provides an advanced extreme pressure lubrication technology not found in any other engine treatment. The AFMT®(Anti-friction metal treatment) formula is advanced, your assurance that it is the only one of its kind and does what it claims.
What is the difference between an oil treatment and Prolong Eng. Treatment?
Rather than just adding thickeners to the oil, the patented Prolong formula actually interacts with your engine’s metal surfaces through a molecular and chemical process, creating a unique superior resistance to extreme friction and heat. Simply, it “bonds” with metal to form a protective layer.
Can I use Prolong Engine Treatment with any engine?
Prolong Engine Treatment is safe and effective for new or used, petrol or diesel engines. It can also be used in rotary engines. Prolong Engine Treatment is an ash-less petroleum product especially suited to applications where lubrication and friction of carbon build-up are critical factors.
Does it matter what kind of oil I use?
Prolong Engine Treatment is compatible with both natural and synthetic oils.
Does the treatment contain any solids?
NO, Prolong Engine Treatment does not contain plastics, PTFE resins(Teflon®), graphite, molybdenum disulfide or any solids which may cause damage or harmful build-up.
Can using Prolong products void my vehicle manufacturer's warranty?
NO, the use of Prolong products will not void manufacturers’ warranties. Vehicle manufacturers are allowed to specify the motor oil grade and API (American Petroleum Institute) service requirements necessary to validate their engine warranty. Prolong Engine Treatment in no way alters the grade or other specifications of either petroleum based or synthetic motor oils, and Prolong Super Lubricants encourages drivers to follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedules. Vehicle Manufactures are not allowed to specify that a particular brand of product be used with their equipment to qualify a warranty unless they provide that product for free.
Does Prolong Engine Treatment have chlorine in it like bleach does?
NO, although competitors have shamefully and inaccurately tried to make consumers think so by ridiculously showing bottles of bleach being poured into engines or referring to chlorinated to chlorinated or olefin paraffins as chlorine. For decades, tribologists– lubrication specialists– have known that CP’s or chlorinated paraffins provide the most superior lubrication. The drawback to this approach was instability at extremely high temperatures. Enter Prolong Super Lubricants; with a revolutionary Aromatic Petroleum Distillate unique advanced technology. The incomparable Prolong Formula received the “1a” rating–highest possible–on independent laboratory testing designed to determine the corrosivity of liquids when applied to metal, demonstrating the products are non-corrosive.
Did Prolong get sued or fined by the FTC?

NO, the facts are that the FTC thoroughly investigated all of the tests and evidence that supported Prolong’s product claims in much the same manner as going through a very detailed SARS audit.

  • Prolong has never been sued or taken to court by the FTC.
  • Prolong has never been fined by the FTC.
  • Prolong did not make false product claims.
  • No employees of Prolong were found to have violated any FTC regulations.

Prolong entered into an agreement with the FTC in which Prolong promised that it would rely on “adequate scientific evidence” to substantiate its’ product claims. No fines were assessed. No suits were filed by the FTC against Prolong. The agreement was entered into in early 1999. Ten years have passed with complete cooperation.

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